Events at their best

ActiveDrop OutDoor events seeks to push the limits of human endurance, while showcasing the worlds natural stage. Passionate athletes can explore the boundaries of human movement, to test their personal limits, and while doing so show their commitment to the environment through their participation in our adventure races.

Sport in emotion

When it is one-on-one, man and nature, the power of nature is clearly evident and respect easily earned. Whether up against the force of storm waves or caught in a light current, it is essential to always respect the ocean.

Race to protect the ocean

We would like more people to reach their potential whilst using aquatic sport to move the world to appreciate our oceans and the environment. We hope our initiatives will support key conservation courses and help us navigate to a better future. We are proud to have partnered with Plastic Oceans – an International nonprofit organisation raising awareness about plastic pollution to inspire behavioural change.

A race for a cause

The reward is the same for people who love to be in the water: to appreciate our lives as an adventure and to make an impact for charity.
Participation in ActiveDrop OutDoor events doesn’t just see you visiting some of the most incredible locations in the world, it also helps support our oceans.

Epic events

Spectacular settings.
Unconventional courses.
A true adventure.

ActiveDrop OutDoor events are designed to give individuals the drive to succeed, while providing a platform to truly harness the power of teamwork.

Event listing

ActiveDrop OutDoor, specialises in elite events and aims to provide unique experiences for athletes at valuable and sustainable standard. Here you can explore the events which are currently “ON”.

3rd of October 2021


Finale Ligure, Italy

Be challenged by a SWIMRUN experience that infuses nature with history to offer a timeless adventure in Finale Ligure, one of the most spectacular pieces of the ligurian coastline in Italy.

8th - 11th October 2020


Sardegna, IT

A format that includes 19 km in 3 days across the most picturesque Sardinian spots, well known for its fantastic clear waters and beautiful landscape.

ActiveDrop is proud to partner with

Plastic Oceans